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Start with the really powerful and dramatic if you need to. Now memorize them. Put them in your mind. You are making connections between stopping the bad behavior with what good things you will get from doing so. If you want to lose weight, then picture yourself slim and looking good in those skinny jeans.

If you want to stop smoking, picture your wife actually kissing you rather than sending you to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Once you have the information, this comes down to one thing: an act of the will. Choose to do it.

Say to yourself throughout the day, I am choosing to…. You can write your history. One theory is that you must take massive action—you must go all or nothing.

7 Steps to Break Your Child’s Bad Habits

They will get rid of all fat in the house. They go all out—and that works for some.

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Others would burn out on that, feel like failures and be worse off than before. They should start out slow, taking baby steps but working diligently toward a planned goal.

7 Steps to Developing a New Habit

This person would decide to start walking three days a week. They would decide to limit dessert to two nights a week, down from seven. Either way is OK as long as you get to the goal eventually. Reaching for a biscuit with your cuppa is no more unlearnable than forgetting how to steer, indicate and check your mirrors. It takes a conscious effort to create the new routine and consistently repeat it. Take a minute to list all the habits you want to change — what they are, when they happen, and why you do them.

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Then using these three simple steps you can create more positive habits to take their place. What cue triggers the habit? In the case of snacking on chocolate in the afternoon, the cue might be the time around 3pm or how you feel the energy slump. This time though, decide on a new behaviour you want this cue to trigger — what can you do instead of reaching for a sweet snack? You could drink a glass of water, go for a 10 minute walk outside, have some fruit, or do a quick YouTube exercise routine.

7 Steps to Make or Break a Habit

Think of something that will distract you or satisfy the urge in a more positive way. Put prompts around the place to remind you — have your walking shoes under your desk, set an alert in your phone, or stick a motivating quote on your computer screen. Take some time to reflect.

How do you feel after the routine? You may notice your energy has perked right up after that walk, or the craving for a sweet treat has disappeared after that large glass of water as has the urge to nap — dehydration can also make you drowsy. But after a while, it will become automatic, and you can reap the reward of feeling great. Written by Sharon Curtain. As well as delicious food ideas, health and wellbeing articles, expert advice, offers and promotions straight to your inbox each week.

By clicking continue I understand and agree to Medibank's privacy policy. How long does it take to develop a new habit?

The Science of How Habits Work

The time period can range from a single second to several years. This talk may go on for years. For example, putting your hand on a hot stove or touching a live electrical wire will give you an intense and immediate pain or shock. The experience may only take a split second. The habit will have been formed instantly and will endure permanently. According to the experts, it takes about 21 days to form a habit pattern of medium complexity. These are habits of medium complexity that can be quite easily developed in about three weeks through practice and repetition.

How do you develop a new habit? Over the years, a simple, powerful, proven methodology has been created for new habit development.

For example, if you decide to rise early and exercise each morning, set your clock for a specific time; when the alarm goes off, immediately get up, put on your workout clothes and begin your exercise session. If you resolve to get up at 6 a. Repeat the affirmation over and over to yourself. Most important, give yourself a treat of some kind for practicing the new behavior.

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Soon you begin to associate, at an unconscious level, the pleasure of the reward with the behavior. You set up your own force field of positive consequences that you unconsciously look forward to as the result of engaging in the behavior you have decided upon. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Watch the video below to start developing good habits: