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The fear comes from stories of law. It comes from the reality behind this, the one that we grew up in. It comes from having spent childhood in a country of opportunity and optimism, only to have it turn sour by the time we reached our mid-teens. It comes from losing siblings, friends and gradually half the home parish to emigration.

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It comes from a history of too much education, and not enough jobs. The jobs market taps into this. And so they expect this. And then what? Two little instincts of mine help me do this: one is the knowledge that almost everyone else in my position feels the same way, to whatever degree; the other is the sneaking suspicion that fear is an unsustainable.

Actually following through on this is exactly as difficult as it sounds. I am well aware that my aversion to the CAS website comes at least partly from the fact that I am still plainly terrified of it. However, once identified, fear is easily exposed for the debilitating illusion that it is. From the grace and poise of ballet to the attitude and acrobatics of breakdancing, the audience were treated incredible performances, complete with witty judges commentary and stunning interval acts.

Stage fright, anticipation and exhilaration Trinity Come Dancing has it all. As I walk into the Trinity Come Dancing dressing rooms, I am engulfed in a cloud of glitter and hairspray. Mercifully, most of them deign to answer my questions anyway, generally while being curled and contoured to. Everyone agreed that it took massive rugby balls to get up on. Paddy Lavelle and Jessica Commane are one of the cuter couples of the night, performing ballet.

Paddy, the TCD rugby team captain, is understandably nervous. You and me both, friend. Maggie agrees, though that makes sense given her extensive background in breakdancing. He had hurt his shoulder the week before, managed to surprise Maggie nonetheless.

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He has. Domhnall makes me laugh more than any other interviewee, and his performance with Maggie has my hands burning from clapping so hard. William Earle Ahearne and Pheobe Sun are the sauciest couple of the night by a long shot. Dancing the Rumba, a sensuous form of Latin ballroom, that is fairly technical, William tells me. So cool, in fact, that I never saw them backstage: I presume that they were off somewhere ethereal and hipster. The pair perform contemporary. What is that?

The two brought the place to life through their fusion of traditional music with some more modern stuff. It was clear that all the performers gave the night their all whether dancing was something new to them or a part of their everyday life, but ultimately the crowns went to our Breakdancing Team, Maggie and Domhnall as our president attempts to claim every title of authority before the end of his term.

After the prizes given out and the seats were moved, the Sugar Club became host to one of the most amazing dance parties in the history of Dublin with everyone spinning and swaying together as all the technical details were ignored and forgotten and the truly terrible dance moves associated with having fun came out to play for the rest of the evening.

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Since the dawn of the Iron Man franchise in it seemed as if Marvel Studios could do no wrong when it came to superhero movies. The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer showed limited representation for female characters and those of colour, despite the fact that these characters will be in the movie. Even in the recent smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy all possibility for representation was Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic hidden under CGI and intense makeUniverse was where problems began to up looks.

And once again we had the arise as the studio attempted to repeat heroic white hetero male protagonist. In Iron Man 3 versity that has been lacking in recent we watched as the whitewashed villain years and where we will hopefully see trope returned through the depiction Marvel Studios redeem themselves.

In of the Mandarin.

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Nolan also had diffi- their latest panel, on behalf of the stuculty presenting female characters as dio, Kevin Feige announced plans for much more than damsels and distrac- the entirety of Phase Three. This includtions for the brooding protagonist, and ed a full list of fan favourites as well as although the Marvel heroines are much some new heroes who will be involved more three dimensional, it is some- in the MCU roster. Two of the more what problematic that we have to wait exciting characters are Captain Maruntil the recently announced Captain vel and Black Panther.

Black Panther, Marvel movie in for a superhero with Chadwick Boseman in the role, movie with a woman in the title role. That, in conjunction with the fact that Although they plan to stick with what Photo Credit: Taylor Smariga. A movie centred on Wonder Woman has been announced for , resulting in her being the first female superhero to have her own movie in this new era of the genre.

She may have had her own television show, but considering her depiction in the Lego Movie is the most big screen time she has had since her first appearance in All Star Comics way back when in this is definitely overdue. DC are also straying away from the typical All American cookie cutter casting by choosing Israeli actress Gal Gadot to don the gauntlets and contributing to the inclusion of women in the community through the rumour that a female director shall be joining the Wonder Woman team.

These casting choices are moving away from the traditionally typical selection expected for such iconic Hollywood roles.

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The next few years of superhero cinema seems to be changing. Marvel is laying the groundwork for development in the MCU through both story and casting. Although they are maintaining their traditional choices they are beginning to realise the necessity of change. DC are sticking to their big guns but are. Marvel is finally listening to their fans, and perhaps DC is finally making up for the Green Lantern movie.

Both companies seem to be beginning to make the move to. Why write fanfiction?

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The fanfiction community is a thriving one — fanfiction. The Harry Potter archive, the largest on the site, had over , stories at the time of writing. Fanfiction often has a bad reputation of being poorly wtritten or just plain smut. However, among these hundreds of thousands of stories there is great variety — the stories I am currently reading range from sophisticated political takeovers of the wizarding world, to cute love stories, to action-packed Quidditch matches.

And yes, there are poorly written or edited fanfictions out there, but there are also some really excellent writers. Personally, I write fanfiction for many reasons.

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  • There is also a real sense of community. As fanfiction is published online, there is a very immediate connection with readers and other writers. Stories are read, favourited, followed and reviewed. This feedback is helpful for your writing. It is the internet so reviews can be mixed, as people defend their favourite pairings, but generally mine have been encouraging. Fanfictions pay homage to the original text, but also manipulate the text and sometimes turn it upside down and inside out.

    The most unlikely pairings, bizarre plots, and sometimes just plain craziness ensues.

    If you can imagine it, there is probably a fanfic about it. Harry Potter is the fandom with the most stories on fanfiction. The protagonist Cath is a young girl starting at college who writes a hugely popular fanfiction about Simon Snow and his arch nemesis Baz think Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, incidentally one of the most popular fanfiction pairings, given the portmanteau Drarry.

    For Cath, fanfiction is a refuge of sorts — a way to destress, a world in which she finds comfort when struggling with her new life at college.

    It is about feeling passionately about the work you are responding to, and wanting to be creative with it. Fanfiction writers know the worlds they are writing well, they know how the characters speak and think Fanfiction is not merely derivative. There is a lot of creativity and originality at work in these stories. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

    Fresh out of the joint and the first agony aunt to be paid exclusively in cigarettes, Loveshank is back to lay the smackdown on your troubles. Bring it. Auntie, any suggestions on how to do this? Please help. Here a few simple ways to put yourself on her radar: 1. Spell out a love message in cigarettes. This is your in to establishing communication in style! Destroy one of her enemies. Find one of hers and take them out of the picture.