Mangopork: The Gormandizer Collision (The Adventures Of Mangopork Book 1)

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Some of the bad things? In the beginning of the story they seem to be very different people. Is this true at the end?

Eau Claire novelist Nickolas Butler's 'Little Faith' partly inspired by the death of a Weston girl

Kenzie says: "The issue in this custody hearing is where the best home is for Faith. That doesn't leave a lot of room for God. Do you think the Catholic Church had the right to examine Faith, a Jewish girl?

Passion of Faith - A Novel

Why is religion so difficult for some people to discuss? Would this story be different if it took place in the South or any other part of the country? Toward the end of the story, Mariah is tugged across the yard by an exuberant Faith, "following in her daughter's footsteps.

From my first contact, they were extremely professionally yet personal. My agent listened to my questions and concerns and provided transparent, clear answers.

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It took a while for me to decide, Initially, I had no idea where I would send my manuscript to for publishing, but I believed I would eventually receive divine direction. Now that the publishing process has been completed, I believe I truly received divine direction by sending my manuscript to CFP, because the entire publishing process of my book has been a very pleasant experience for me. Brian was extremely cooperative and helpful. I will send my other manuscripts to CFP for publishing.

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I will recommend I wanted a group that would value a God-centered manuscript. I loved seeing the cover and book trailer for the first time.

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  • In 'Little Faith' Wisconsin author Nickolas Butler views faith healing.
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Both captured my personality and the character of my book so perfectly. They met my expectations!

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It's a special thing to take a piece of your heart and mind and show it to the world. CFP handled that vulnerability and trust with respect and professionalism. When looking for a publisher the most important thing to me was their vision, not only for my book, but as a whole. The vision CFP had was what I was looking for and they far exceeded my expectations.

The editing process was my favorite part of this process.

Faith Soars in Valiant’s First Young Adult Novel

It was important to me to have my work critiqued, corrections made as well as having suggestions giving. My publication specialist, Shannon, was great.

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  8. She was kind, helpful and informative. I hope to work with her aga Butler will celebrate publication day March 5 with a 7 p. Downer Ave. In accordance with their religious beliefs, her parents prayed for her rather than seeking medical help. They were convicted of reckless homicide; the state Supreme Court upheld their convictions in Instead, Butler tells a similar story through the eyes, cerebellum and heart of Lyle Hovde, whose love for grandson Isaac helps offset the pain he still feels about the death of a son who never saw his first birthday. When Isaac's mother becomes involved with a storefront Christian pastor who promotes faith healing, Lyle and his wife, Peg, are thrust into a critical situation.