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Merrill, co-founder of the "Osmond Foundation," now known as the "Children's Miracle Network," is currently involved in moving forward his late mother's dream of assisting those with hearing loss through the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund. Merrill is also an author of two previous books, "Let the Reason be Love" a memoir of his life and "The Plan Revisited" which tells the journey of writing a life changing album "The Plan.

Visit his website at: www. His delightful debut novel is a journey into his heart you don't want to miss.

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Having a gift does not always mean everything will be laid out for you. The book leaves you wondering whether the main character is Liam Kane, or is it indeed Merrill Osmond. A wonderful read, and hailed by critics as a great piece of fiction. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Condition: New.

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Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ Language: English. Brand new Book. Liam's visionary abilities gain him international notoriety as "The Prophecy Boy" who swims with dolphins, dreams of a mysterious red door, and champions those who are often misjudged for their uncommon gifts.

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  • Seller Inventory APC Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. It felt like a darkness covered over the campus. And as I walk to chapel, the questions swirl around in my mind. What do you say? What can you say?

    Christian oyakhilome -FAITH, HOPE & LOVE (Powerful Sermon)

    How do you lead a community through this? What resources -- what kind of faith -- can hold up to this severe loss? What kind of reality can frame this sorrow? As I walk through the pine grove, I look up, and like Mary Magdalene, I see it from a distance, and all my questions are caught in my throat. I see it high and lifted up. I see the silver steeple of Western Seminary spiraling toward light, and at the pinnacle, set against a concrete sky, giving it the appearance of suspension over the campus, as if defying the laws of gravity, I see the cross.

    I must pass this cross 10 times a day. But today I see it as if for the first time.

    Faith, Hope and Gravity by Shirley Bahlmann | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    And as I look I am reminded that there is a connection between the grave news of the night before and the reality this steeple cross is pointing me to live into with faith. This is what I needed to see. I needed to see the sign pointing me to a reality that is even now framing this one, a reality that whispers that even in the midst of the sufferings of this present moment there is a glory yet to be revealed. The cross is exalted over the campus as a reminder for us all that there is a proper vision of the world that is not negotiable. The cross gives us the assurance that even in the darkest hour of grief we do not grieve without hope, for God can use the grief itself to bring forth a new circumstance for life.

    There in the pine grove, I am reminded that the cross of Christ is a protest against all the death, all the destruction, all the tears of this fallen world. For the cross is our only answer in such a reality.

    ISBN 13: 9781477681787

    As theologian P. For on the cross, he had shown there was no dimension of human life he was not prepared to reach and no depth of human sin he was not committed to redeem. I just stand there -- in the pine grove, eyes fixed on the cross -- as if my soul is being pulled into the centripetal force of a new way to understand reality. The reality that invites me not to hurry or hustle past the significance of the cross, so that my red eyes can reorient and focus on seeing the world as it is [seen] by God -- a world so loved by God that even in the deepest grief, there is a hope that transcends understanding.

    In that moment, I am reminded that it is the cross of Christ that gives us the only proper lens to see the world rightly. To see that cross looming over the campus is to be reminded that something large and extreme has taken place. For on that Friday, at a place called Golgotha, something happened at the very foundation of the universe, something that is still pulling all things into its center of gravity. On the cross of Christ, God seeks to deal with the gravest problem of humanity. It is not a political problem.

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    It is not an intellectual or a legal one. It cannot be reduced to a social system or merely the problem of popular opinion. The problem is one that permeates the human race. It is the problem that separates and divides us from God: it is sin. Sin is the problem that is in us, and the cure can only be given and received as a gift -- as a grave grace -- from one who is both human and divine.

    Only a God who is willing to be among us, one of us, fully and not confused, can solve this, our gravest moral consequence.

    Only in such a person can humanity be recapitulated into a freedom of divine reconciliation. And this is the good news of what happened on that Friday. We do not understand the glory of Christ until we understand the cross.