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More Videos Most of these weapons came from Germany and neighboring Belgium -- the bulk of them purchased via internet and mail orders originating in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. None of them was purchased in France, where authorities have implemented some of the strictest laws and regulations in Europe.

And while the black market certainly poses a threat to gun control, it's also clear that France's laws have made significant strides in counteracting many of the dangers created by guns.

The NRA's worst nightmare is here. In France, there is no preordained right to bear arms, absent rigid registration and surveillance of their use.

So most modern attacks, excluding terrorist incidents involving weapons obtained from abroad, are undertaken by trucks, cars and even knives. In other words, mass shootings are not the norm in France. And the United States would benefit from closely examining French gun laws in order to reduce the risk of another mass shooting within its own borders.


That said, the tradition of gun ownership is deeply embedded in many strata of French society. In the countryside, hunting is a way of life and leisure -- more prevalent than golf or tennis as weekend recreation. In regions like Sologne, some of the great families of France have practiced hunting back to the Middle Ages. La chasse the hunt is the preferred weekend pastime. While gun ownership is allowed, the state takes great pains to make sure guns are not abused.

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For example, authorities do not make gun ownership easy. Firearms are divided into four categories. In Category A are real weapons of war. As is in the United States, the French can't own a tank or a fighter plane, nor any fully automatic weapon like an Uzi or a Kalashnikov. No exceptions.

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Students said 'wake up' and America is finally listening. The gun laws are very strict in France as in England. Second rabbits are classed as game and can only be shot in the hunting season Third you need a hunting licence to shoot any animal permitted to be killed by the law. Hunting law is taken seriously and infractions can and do result in custodial sentences and large fines. But do you need a licence to buy one or is it just a licence to use one?

If I need a licence how would I go about getting one?

Gun ownership in SA

Regards Steve. Even though its a shotgun used to be active in clay pigeon in the UK officially you still need a license to own one. Have been told by many that this isnt the case, but would then ask why when i brought it over and went to the genderme did they inspect it, check the serial number and my UK and international permit against the gun and then send me to the prefecture? The prefecture again inspected all the UK paperwork, filled in some more asked me to sign it and a few weeks later my firerms shotgun only license arrived.

I found the whole process very simple, but that might have been because i already had a UK license. For a full firearms Rifle license the procedure is very different and involves courses and involvment with the chasse. Others can explain this better to you than I can.

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Further to this I would like to add that if you have no experience of shooting chances are you are going to get yourself into trouble very easily. I would exhaust all other avenues before you go this route. I know for a fact my neighbor is a genderme that if i discharge my shotgun on my land it it likely that I will have a visit. For it to be legal you would need to be a member of the chasse and also have your land registered with the chasse for hunting - and the poor little bunnies would need to be in season as well. A lot cheaper, easier if you havent shot before chances are you arent going to hit the poor rabbit unless its in the middle of tucking into your prize carrots and less dangerous for maybe a small fence around the area you dont want nibbled?

Or a dog, they are usually a pretty good deterent and further more you wont have to walk it as it be getting plenty of exercise - and food maybe. Many thanks Al, No problems for me with the shooting as I did a three year apprenticeship on a farm and used 12 bore most weekends down at the clay pigeon club on the land but never got a licence. We have 3 dogs, all areas fenced in but the buggers are still getting through, also they are digging up my lovely lawns.

Do I need a licence to buy a gun? If you go into the gun shop the armurier will fill in forms for the prefecture. You will of course need proof of identity and address. The real issue is that you are not allowed to shoot rabbits unless you have a hunting licence and it is in the official season.


Take heed of the advice given. At the foot of the table sits Tunisia, which has just 0.

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A number of other countries in the bottom 10 have similarly low values. While it tops the charts when it comes to gun ownership, the US actually ranks 11th in terms of firearm-related deaths, with Ahead of it are a slew of Latin American countries: Honduras top with Swaziland and Jamaica complete the top