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Confident people do not allow the concept of being a victim to enter their thinking. Ground yourself in your beliefs and your personal integrity. There is no way others will see you as confident unless you see yourself as confident.

Mistakes are a stepping stone to success. They are the path I must tread to achieve my dreams.

Going around comparing your level of confidence to how other people see themselves will only lead to arrogance. Arrogant people are those who view themselves as no longer needing to learn from others, and when this happens they will quickly find themselves isolated from others. He is a sales expert who speaks to thousands each year on how to increase their sales profitability. Try Salesforce. Get your FREE day trial. Please complete all fields. Apr 02, By Mark Hunter. Want more awesome content? Sign up for our newsletter. Back to All Stories.

Here are nine ways you can build your confidence: 1. Record your successes Keep a list of your successes and update it at the end of each week. Set weekly goals you know you can achieve early in the week Success breeds success. Think long-term When we allow ourselves to focus our attention on short-term things, we are more likely to view things as being overwhelming.

View each situation as a learning opportunity Put yourself in a mode of continually learning, and this will help you begin to see there are no bad situations. Don't feel that your success is dependent on someone else Only you can define confidence and success. Share Tweet. Confidence is a State of Mind Confidence is a state of mind, a feeling, and a way of being that can be created at will. Simple right? So where should you start? Start Here Start with this list.

Exactly, hardly anyone! Every book provides something different, yet, every single one also confirms what I just said… Which is, that how confident you are is up to you, because confidence is all in your head. So, behold the 15 Books you must read if you ever wish to master self-confidence: 15 Best Books on Building Self-Confidence 1.

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How to Talk to Anyone Many people are confident in just about everything they do. How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking Dale Carnegie has created the perfect toolset for helping people dial into their confidence at will. Presence Amy Cuddy is the famous TED talk professor who first acquainted us with power poses and using our physiology to increase our confidence levels. The Confidence Gap This book is a great confidence book to compliment the others already mentioned.

The Art of Extraordinary Confidence Comfort is the kiss of death to success. And in this book, you will learn why. Like This Post? Atlas Rowe. You may like. Marcus K. October 22, at Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Quotes 2 years ago. Quotes 1 year ago. Motivation 1 year ago. Make a big deal of it. Let the person stand there and bask in your approval.

Tony Robbins: Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence

They will remember the experience for a long time. When you praise people in front of others, either individuals or groups, they will remember it for a long time, even years. More than that, they will strive to repeat the performance so that they can earn more approval in the future. Perhaps the most powerful of all techniques to make people feel important is to listen attentively to them when they talk to you. Learning and practicing this behavior until it becomes a habit can do more to improve your relationships at work and at home than perhaps any other single behavior.

Listening is essential. You always listen to someone who you value.

Building Self-Confidence

You listen when your boss speaks to you. You listen when someone who you look up to and respect speaks, or speaks to you. The more important the other person is, the more you hang on every word, and the more influenced you are by what they say. To put it another way, when you ignore another person you devalue them, in their own eyes, and in the eyes of other people around them. One of the big mistakes that managers make, because they are in a position of control and power, is that they dominate the conversation.

They talk too much. They interrupt people and complete their sentences. They ignore what people have said and rush in to make their own points. They override the arguments of others because they have the power to do it. But every time you withhold your close attention from another person when they are talking, you make them feel valueless and they will lose their self-confidence.