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The issue isn't capital gains—it's what we think of God. When we bury our desires, we are saying the same thing: "God, I don't dare desire because I fear you; I think you are hard-hearted. Even though we may profess at one level a genuine faith in him, at another level we are like the third servant. Our obedience is not so much out of love as it is out of carefulness. Literally, our way of handling life without God. The deepest moral issue is always what we, in our heart of hearts, believe about God.

And nothing reveals this belief as clearly as what we do with our desire. Want more?

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Killing the Desire by Leanna Harrow

They were mesmerizing and captivating eyes. It could be repetitious, like in this quote. The dialogue often felt unbelievable particularly in the scenes with the police officers. But the scenes with Rose and her siblings were dead on in dialogue and feeling. I even found myself smiling and thinking about my siblings as I read these moments. Harrow also falls into the old writer trap of telling when she should be showing. We get that the eyes are gorgeous.

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But show us how gorgeous they are, don't tell us. Overall, Killing the Desire was an interesting ride. There are lots of twists and turns that I can't write about, and you'll just have to read the book to find out. Although there are certainly some areas for improvement, it can delight some lovers of mystery with a bit of sexiness thrown in.

The Killing of Desire by Millie Elliott

Rose Harlow's mother Rebecca is brutally murdered and her oldest daughter is left to deal with it and her three siblings. Her bitterness against her father and all men make it very hard for her to admit to any feelings other than rage. She is a beautiful hard nosed woman determined to become a lawyer and later a judge to prosecute the bad guys.

This character is full fleshed and very human. You find yourself rooting for her all the way. She's a scraper and a survivor.

Dave Mason is the mouth watering man that walks into Rose's life as the detective sent to find her mother's murderer. His fascinating green gorgeous eyes and hard body is just too temptable for Rose and she propositions him right off the bat. He complies and they are launched into a torrid love affair. He is all any woman could ask far but then a hint of suspicion hatches and Rose is off on a tangent. I won't give away any more of this engrossing tale. This story is captivating with great characters and a heated and hot heroine.

It may make you want to turn the air conditioner on, even in winter but its a moving tale of discovery too.

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I give The author five stars out of five and await the next story with great anticipation. Jul 20, Linda Hays-Gibbs rated it it was amazing. Feb 26, Dina Rae rated it it was amazing. This erotic thriller by Leanna Harrow will leave you breathless for many reasons.

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Harrow knows how to tell a story and she definitely knows how to write hot erotic sex scenes. You never see the ending coming even This erotic thriller by Leanna Harrow will leave you breathless for many reasons. You never see the ending coming even if you think you do. I highly recommend everything Ms. Jun 05, Leanne Herrera rated it it was amazing. This reads exactly like what it is a murder mystery with a bit of spice. Not your Momma's apple pie spice either. Leanna is a very descriptive writer and pulls the audience into the scene.

We can taste it, touch it, feel it and live in the moments with her characters. I was very sad during some scenes and heated with lust with others. The ending was perfect in my opinion so I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 with a heat rating of This has sex in it but is not in the realm of the other two books. The ending was perfect in my opinion so I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 with a heat rating of 7.

Nov 12, Tracy Reads rated it really liked it. I received this book in exchange for an honest review this is not the type of book I normally would read, the description alone probably would have made me not choose it I prefer romance without death: Apr 25, Barbara Rowe rated it it was amazing.

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The book was hot and sexy, with a great sence of oneself. Sharalynn rated it it was ok Apr 23, Conflict kills desire, trust and friendship if it is not resolved in a good way. Basic resolution skills involve: Cooling off first no one is rational when they are mad. Then make sure you acknowledge and validate the other person before you make your point acknowledgement does not mean agreement.

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