Mangopork: The Gormandizer Collision (The Adventures Of Mangopork Book 1)

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You have assisted in opening that door to new beliefs and new energy. Your work has pushed me and continues to push me through. Thuto Sep 22, Whitney Nov 27, I have seen the same number 34 nearly everyday for the last 5 yrs. I realize I am probably subconsciously looking for it but it does not feel like I am.

Travel with kids, foster care, and cargo bikes

The second the recording ended, I woke and looked at my phone. The time changed from to in 2 seconds. Mind blown. I told my husband and said not to laugh at me and he told me he also sees 34 frequently. Jennifer Jun 10, Hi Kate! I just wanted to tell you that your site and your book are amazing. Thank you for guiding all of us toward a better understanding of the divine.

As a mom of two special needs children, I have gained so much insight into parenting and trusting my instincts.

Travel with kids, foster care, and cargo bikes

Thank you for giving me a place to learn how to welcome a third spirit baby into my life with more ease and patience. You bring hope, you bring comfort, you bring peace…. I thank you!


Kate Street Jun 11, Thank you SO much for this lovely affirmation. Celeste Jun 21, Anna Ball Aug 19, I am a grandma to be! I got this book for my daughter—she wanted it—I got her a lot of books, but THIS book came separately a few days later—after i had already given her the other books.

So I started reading it—omg, thank you for writing it. I have so many tears of recognition through the stories and your wise words.

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Also gave me memories of my communication with my daughter when she was my spirit baby—back when the planet was a bit denser than it is now—before the shift. For example, I was pray pray praying for a perfect birth in a perfect setting.

Sweet "I Love You" Messages and Quotes for my Children

I wanted to have a home birth with a midwife. Midwifery was illegal in my state at the time except on the reservation. AND as I got closer to delivery, my doctor was stuck in traffic, so she was with me when i needed her most, and only for the final entry into the world, was my doctor there.

It was beautiful. And it was perfect. Your Website.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Enjoy your journey into the spirit baby realm, Sister! In life, you should show love as much as you speak about it. Create a lasting image in your child's mind about what your love looks and feels like with these comforting sayings.

Parents who wish to present a united front or emphasize how they share love for their child can use quotes incorporating both people. Sayings like these are great for gifts and notes that come from two or more caregivers. There are many places you'll find emotional phrases meant for children from their parent's point of view. I had her in, and I wasn't sweating or panting, and the baby was still happy!!

You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to carry my baby around, when I thought it wouldn't be possible. It fits me, my boyfriend and my oldest daughter. And I can wear the toddler and newborn in it. Plus, it can go in the diaper bag without taking up much space.

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My daughter's face while sitting in it is priceless. I'll be recommending your carrier to everyone : " - Danielle H. Home page Baby Carriers that put you and your baby in an advantageous and enviable position - or as we like to call it - the catbird seat.