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Grid List. Order By: Top Matches. Food that Really Schmecks by Edna Staebler.

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In stock online Available in stores. In the s, Edna Staebler moved in with an Old Order Mennonite family to absorb their oral history and learn about Mennonite culture and cooking. From this fieldwork came the cookbook Food That Really Schmecks. Originally published in , Schmecks instantly….

In stock online Not available in stores. Have you ever had food that really schmecks? Out of stock online Available in stores. Ships within weeks Not available in stores. Long before she became the renowned author of the best-selling Schmecks cookbooks, an award-winning journalist for magazines such as Macleans , and a creative non-fiction mentor, Edna Staebler was a writer of a different sort. Staebler began serious diary writing….

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Kobo ebook. Available for download Not available in stores. New material in the app includes photos and videos of Edna Staebler and the Waterloo Region countryside. Recipes are easily searchable, and users can upload photos and recipe comments and suggestions…. I don't know why but something in me turns away from him as a man who stands on the brink of life and will not let himself be drawn into it.

I may be wrong. I know nothing about his life. He thinks it could have terrific power, whereas now it is just a sort of snapshot album.

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He is right, but can I wait long enough to change it? I need now the freedom that having a book published will give me. Or will it?

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No, one must always struggle for freedom, struggle with oneself, that is. I could have much more freedom here every day if I would not let myself be interrupted by all the people who come to me here. But I don't want to hurt them. I want them to love me.

Food That Really Schmecks

But this analytical thinking about motives is what I want to avoid. I must learn to let my thoughts be creative, and analyzing is not creating. Forster speaks of mateyness An artist may not become matey. Bill interpreted that to mean that he must not accede to the expected.

Staebler, Edna 1906-2006

One must not conform, give in against one's principles, fall in love. The article went on to speak of detachment and slouching around with a hat pulled down over one's eyes. I thought he talked of actual mateyness with people. Surely one must know people, listen to people, observe people, absorb people to become people, in order to create people. We don't really create. We merely digest and that which we have absorbed comes through us in a new form.

That is why I doubt if I shall ever write quickly. It would be like gobbling something up and spewing it out, undigested--very vulgar. But to get back to this mateyness. As one listens to people, one gives one's attention.

They give whatever they have or want to give and the artist lets is seep into him to become a part of him. Martin's Meeting House, on the highway north of Waterloo, is more than a hundred years old; its painted clapboards gleam white. A wire fence surrounds its yard, kept neat by a munching cow, and the cemetery beside it where rows and rows of plain white slabs mark the grassy, flowerless graves.

Open buggies, two-seaters and boxlike dachwaegles top buggies came in a steady stream as the black-clad people gathered to worship. This edition includes a foreword by award-winning author Wayson Choy and a new introduction by the well-known food writer Rose Murray.

This is a family favourite cookbook which we still use up to the present day as I write this. It is full of Mennonite, Pennsylvania Dutch i. Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Food That Really Schmecks. Edna Staebler. The app is available free for a limited time on iTunes.