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And every human being wants to have the sense of safety that one gets when they meet their basic physiological needs. The identity and pride of the people of Israel were attached to the wall. Its destruction brought desolation and despair to the land. Have you ever been there before? Have you ever felt that something destroyed the walls in your life? Did you ever feel like you lost the sense of security that you once had?

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Or where you felt like the job, the relationship, your dreams or something else did not turn out the way you expected? That sense of disappointment can make anyone, even the most assured confident person to question their purpose and their hope for the future. Everyone, even followers of Christ, at some point in their life has to deal with instability, uncertainty, lack of accomplishment and other things that make us feel that we have no walls structures in our life. As Christians, we have to realize that we have the resources to rebuild the walls in our life.

The story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem gives us insight on how we can fix the things in our personal lives that need to be. We are all still being shaped and molded. Here are a few principles that we should focus on to ensure that we have structure and stability in whatever God is calling us to do.

Nehemiah received the news of how bad the city of Jerusalem is doing. What things cause you to feel passionate? What has the Lord placed on your heart? Too many people go through life moving from circumstance to circumstance without being intentional about their direction.

City Gates Worship - Rebuild the Walls feat. Joseph Perry

He knew that the wall had meaning deep symbolism and substances to the people of Jerusalem. Because of his passion, God used him to pull off a phenomenal defeat: rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days. When life is not going the way we want it, it is tempting to move towards action. Prayer gives your perspective and clarity. It gives us an opportunity to be assured that we are moving by the power of the Holy Spirit and not by our flesh.

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How to Rebuild a Stone Wall

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