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All the parishes mentioned are located in London unless otherwise stated.

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Susannah Banner Cropp. Elizabeth Tyers Roffey Boulter. These reflect the architecture of the period in which the events described here took place.

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  • Job Cannon was born in Pennsylvania and has descendants in Alabama – Alabama Pioneers.
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  • Earlier English records use baptized which is current in American English whereas present day British English uses baptised. Both forms will be found here reflecting British usage over time. Earlier forms were written Cradock or Cradoc or Cradocke. Craddock is used on the Man family website www.

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    Where a farther and son share the same name as in the case of Richard Cradock and George Cumberland the suffixes Snr. This paper contains some narrative and a lot of numeric and calenderal quantitative data and descriptions of genealogical relations and so it is more a work of reference to be dipped into on occasion rather than read for anything like pleasure. Since it has a unique perspective much of what is gathered here has never before been seen or if it has then not displayed in a similar context.

    The genealogical charts are intended to display connections among families in order to support and clarify the text and are not intended to be exhaustive depictions of each and every family membership. Furthermore, the order in which the individuals appear in relation to one another on a chart may not reflect their actual chronological relationship. The Arms of the City of London. Grays Inn where Tobias Cradock was a barrister. Richard Cradock, Snr.

    Andrew, Totteridge in Hertfordshire. We do not have a baptismal record for Hester but we know that she was the youngest daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Hamey Palmer. Richard and Hester Palmer Cradock had number of children all baptised at St. Although thrice married, Susannah only had children by her first marriage. Her sister Sarah married Jonathan Boulter but had no children. Richard and Hester Palmer Cradock, Snr. Of these four children Susannah, Sarah, William, and Richard this paper examines the lives and families of only two: Susannah and Sarah.

    Henry Barnes and they had a daughter Susannah who married John Balchen See chart. An important source of information on what follows comes from The Cumberland Letters edited by Clementina Black and published in Clementina began work on her book by visiting the British Museum and perusing several large leather-bound volumes comprising a remarkable set of correspondence sent to and from George Cumberland, Jnr. Choosing only from the first of the sixteen volumes of family correspondence and covering just thirteen years, , Clementina produced a book — The Cumberland Letters — that she felt reflected the typical concerns of a large family living during the latter half of the eighteenth century.

    Considering that George Cumberland, Jnr. However what she did find and publish has made much of what follows possible. Black notes in her introduction that, before marrying George Cumberland, Snr. Sarah Boulter, Richard Cradock, Snr.

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    The baptismal record below shows her as Susan although most other records have her as Susannah or Susanna. Susan Cradock the daughter of Mr. John was born in and baptised on the 8th August of that year at St. The Banners originated from Birmingham in Warwickshire, and were engaged as ironmongers, bellow-makers, and long-cutlers sword makers.

    The marriage between the Banner and Cradock families was also a mercantile union of sorts. In Cradock was appointed Assistant i.

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    • Richard held his post with the RAC for almost eleven years. As part of its trade with the African continent, knives and swords were used by the RAC and, up until , these had been bought either in Holland or from London merchants. However, after , the year John Banner married Susannah Cradock, the company began to obtain its requirements instead from the Birmingham ironmonger Samuel Banner.

      The Birmingham knives produced by Banner were cheaper than those that the RAC had been buying from London and Holland: less than two and a half pence and only one and a half pence for wooden-hafted varieties: the swords were three shillings each, all prices inclusive of carriage by wagon from Birmingham to London. More than one hundred years later, the great grandson of Dudley North and the great great granddaughter of Richard Cradock would marry in see North Family Appendix.

      Laurence, Pountney Lane. Two sons were baptised at St. On each of the first five records from St. A dealer in chemical products used in the arts, drugs, dye-stuffs, gums, etc. Defoe described a dry salter as someone who … understands very well the buying of cocheneal, indigo, gauls, shumach, logwood, fustick, madder, and the like.

      These are the raw materials needed to produce different paint colours. On 19th March, , John Banner was nominated a governor of Bridewell Hospital as recorded among the minutes of the board of governors: Bridewell Royal Hospital: Minutes of the Court of Governors [last page]. Ladd a Gov. Also Att this Court Mr. Vedast in Fosters Lane. The registry entry runs:. Vedast near the remains of her late husband John Banner see her will below.

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      A later burial record indicates that another John Banner, one of the surviving adult children of John and Susannah Cradock Banner, was also buried at St. Christopher le Stocks, on 31st August, Licence August ye 31th Today its income is primarily used to support the training and progression of young saddlers. Andrew Undershaft:.

      Richard Banner was baptised on 16th September, His burial took place on 4th October, last line : 4 Richard Banner ye Son of Richard Banner and of Elizabeth his wife was buried the 4th of October. In a Sarah was born and although her baptism has not been located her burial occurred on 6th March, In March, , twin girls were born. One was named Rebeckah and the other was named after the recently deceased Sarah above.

      The twins were baptised on 28th March, After all Banner baptisms and burials occurred at St. Vedast in Foster Lane. Andrew Undershaft St. The original parish records of St. Vedast were destroyed during the Second World War and so images of these do not exist. Fortunately, the records had been previously transcribed and to this extent preserved.

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      Vedast transcriptions. Vedast] Elizabeth Born on 5th August baptised on 12th. As noted, other burials at St. He wishes to be buried in St.

      Canon Salute

      Others in his will that he names are his daughter in law Susannah who receives fifty twenty shilling pieces of broad gold. He names his nephew Edward Synge and forgives him the debt he owes him Richard.