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Look for articles to share from mainstream publications. Here are a few great ones to start with:.

Legally High at a Colorado Campus

Surely there is a celebrity that your mom admires that is also a cannabis consumer. A few puffs on a vape pen beforehand keeps me from walking in with sweaty hands and a racing heart. Most adults self medicate with alcohol to cope with the normal stresses of life. I did too. But I would put myself in potentially risky or regrettable situations and wake up with a hangover.

Now I can kick back in the evening, continue to use good judgment, and wake up ready to exercise in the morning. All parents want their children to be healthy. Help your mom see how it helps you. Use additional examples that your mom may have seen on TV. My mom has been moved to see how much cannabis tinctures can help children with epilepsy.

A regulated environment means you know what you are putting in your body. We have been hearing a lot of news about pesticide use, but you are kidding yourself it you think the black market was organic. Now regulators are working hard to create safe standards for plant pest control on combustible substances. It is true that a lot of modern cannabis is stronger than what was on the market in the 70s.

How to Talk to Your Family About Smoking Weed | POPSUGAR Family

The cannabis purchased in legal shops in Colorado all has potency data right there on the label—and that puts the consumer back in control. Mark Klein, 52, a software entrepreneur from Los Altos, Calif. Klein, who has two sons — a college sophomore and a recent graduate — and twin year-old daughters, both freshmen.

After trying pot in high school, Mr. Klein sampled it again while in his early 30s and started using it about once a month. Rather than insist that his children avoid marijuana altogether, he talked to them about using it safely, urging them to call him for a ride home rather than drive while high or accept a ride from a stoned friend, and not to indulge in edibles.

Pranked my mom by telling her I smoke Weed!!!!!!

Keep your eyes on your objectives. After being caught smoking a bong in the family sunroom as teenagers, Arian Creque and her stepbrother Michael cowered while their mother, who opposes anyone in her family using recreational marijuana, yelled at them. But a couple of nights later, when Michael went back to the room to smoke a joint after work, his father surprised him by sauntering up and producing a small metal pipe. Creque, now We talked about everything from when I started and how much I did, to what was going on in school. In a recent conversation in their home in Littleton, Colo.

He also encouraged them to avoid parties where a large number of people get intoxicated.

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For her, getting high is an antidote to what she describes as near-constant anxiety. Last year, Lisa Fields, a year-old single working mother from Los Angeles County, discovered that her teenage son had been smoking pot. After he went to sleep, Ms. Fields looked through his backpack and found two enormous joints, professional looking and rolled with a filter.

Moms who smoke weed

She stayed up all night reading on the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids website about how to stay calm, what to say to her son and what other steps she could take to keep him clean. In the morning, she confronted him, and warned he could not carry an illegal substance to school or keep it in her house, putting her at risk. After dinner, I pulled out my Ziploc and ground up my pot like an old pro.

The Launch Box heats the pot to a vapour without burning it, making for a much smoother drag. I sucked four long hits from the glass mouthpiece and found it painless. Within three minutes, my fingers started to tingle. My head felt droopy. I suddenly found everything hilarious—when one friend dropped her phone, when another texted me a kitten video, when yet another had pizza on her face which is objectively hysterical even sober. There was a decorative hourglass on the coffee table and I became obsessed with it, turning it over and over, mesmerized by the trickling pink sand.

When I tried to take another hit, I fumbled with the vaporizer. That was hilarious, too. After about an hour, the effect wore off, and I was ready for bed. The high was nice if overrated, like low-key drunkery without the slurring, dizziness or hangover. My parents always say they smoke pot the way most people have a glass of wine after dinner; when I was a kid, I was too much of a goody two-shoes to listen. Maybe even with my parents. Bongs, stash boxes and rolling papers have come a long way.

A few of the cannabis corporations currently vying for investor dollars. Find out which THC-laced treat provided a high that was "like being trapped inside Prince's costume trunk". A visit to one of the city's illegal storefront pot dispensaries. Answers to common questions about the looming pot-pocalypse.

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