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Each of them has a vibrant gay community, and even small cities like Bergamo, Treviso, Perugia, etc. Travel magazines regularly rate Italy as the top destination for gay travelers.

The gay son who inspired Sebastian Barry to write his award-winning novel

Roughly 50 percent of voters in the last national election chose a coalition that includes a number of Christian-oriented parties that, at least theoretically, believe that homosexuality is a sin. When that center-right coalition was in power, there were indeed police raids on popular late-night cruising grounds, and they installed lights in the darkest of them.

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Now, tell us what you like to read. The Milan Pride Parade.

Publishing is not a charitable endeavor devoted to equal reception for all: It's a business catering to the interests of an audience comfortable with gay people but not necessarily comfortable with stories that don't cohere with a mold recognizable from, say, the most recent Michael Cunningham novel , about a bougie, respectable art dealer. It's certainly not a problem that's limited to literature.

Look at television," said Matthew Gallaway, the openly gay author of "The Metropolis Case," a novel about opera featuring gay characters, one of whom is HIV-positive. So I think the short answer is, yes, it's always a challenge to write in serious ways about the inner lives and psychologies of gay characters. Of the gay subplot in the much-hyped "The Art of Fielding," Gallaway noted, "It was not something that was touted; the publishers want to sell as many copies as possible.

They don't want to tout anything viewed as controversial.

I’m going back to Proust this August. The truly long read is a summer treat | Alex Clark

He's not allowed to be angry about his life. Part of the problem of the gay novel may be that, as a group facing growing general acceptance, gay people may not yet be a group that is primally understood. Toni Morrison, for instance, writes of the black experience in a manner that is generally understood not to represent every black person's experience in America, ever.

Is the U.S. Ready for a 'Gay' President? - Pete 𝘽𝙪𝙩𝙩igieg

And yet Gallaway faced criticism, he said, in one reading group for featuring an HIV-positive character who was not "on his deathbed. And that isn't what anyone reads for. Perhaps, though, this is changing with time. Chee cited the recent success of Torres as well as an upcoming novel by Caleb Crain as recent bellwethers, and noted that his book was eventually published by a supportive house after many readers elsewhere had been confounded because "it wasn't 'about' being gay. Its characters' rituals feel as real as those in Waldman's book about straight people, because they're not meant to convey truths greater than the way we live now.

This is perhaps among a next wave of books about gay folks as full American citizens that doesn't bother walking them through schematic journeys meant to stand in for the American Gay Experience.