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You should always walk for at least the last ten to fifteen minutes of your ride. Let the horse drink as much water as it needs to after removing your tack. When he's finished drinking, hose him with running water, or sponge water over his body until the water runoff is no longer hot. Scrape off excess water then start walking the horse in a cool, shaded area. Placing a few fans in the area where you walk your horse may also be helpful. When the horse is hydrated and cooled down, then you can safely put him away.

What are the steps of how to take care of your horse after hard exercise? Yes but what if you have a small pony who's head is in the air while on the bit. How well do you ride?

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By the way The hors breads are spelled hanoverian andfriesian. The part that the reins attach to is not the "cheek". It's the "shank". Thats on a western bit. On an english bit, it attaches to the ring.

This answer was incorrect. The part of a bit that extends form the mouthpiece to where the reins attach is called the:.

Racing Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Which do you prefer? Quarter Horse. A breed of horse that originated in America from one foundation stallion was the:. Splints are bony enlargements on the inside of a horse's:. Which definition best describes the horse racing term pool?

Melbourne Cup quiz: Test your knowledge of Australia’s great race

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Fantastic Light. This is a fun quiz on horse racing. Take this quiz and have a good time!

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Tennessee Walking Horse. Are You Horse Racing Champion? Monmouth Park. Suffolk Downs. Fonner Park. Laurel Park. Pat Day.

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Jerry Bailey. Corey Nakatani. Alex Solis. Easy Goer. Bed O'Roses.


Tim Smith. Eual G. Wyatt Jr. John Brunetti. Jim McKay. Trivia fun! If any one person posts multiple answers to the same question, I will only accept their first answer. All questions relate to events in unless otherwise stated. Otherwise, usual Guardian competition rules apply. I hope you enjoy this wee test of your racing knowledge. In what position did he finish? Name the first. Name the racecourse in question. That would give us the advantage we need. I almost think this is a prank. I said to Paul, I would need a collar [child harness] in case I got lost.

They need plenty of time, and a lot of them will not run this year.

Death, Drugs, and Controversy: Is This The End of American Horse Racing?

It is a disaster. I just fill in the gaps for the other jocks. This place has extraordinary tricks and layers and there was another one. Chardrey and Bacciodilupo shared second place with six each. The answers are below, so look away if you still want to test yourself on the questions above At the end of the quiz, whoever has most points will win: a pair of Club Enclosure tickets to Cheltenham for Saturday 27 January!

All questions will appear here at 1pm. Good luck!

Sport Quiz - Horse Racing (25 Questions)