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Any doubts we had about having booked on the internet were immediately set aside by the professional way the booking was handled. Boy did they deliver far beyond our wildest expectations!

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Even hearing the soundcheck, our guests were itching to get to the dance floor. When we inquired about the set list, we were told not to worry, as a tried and tested set list was guaranteed to keep the dance floor full all night - one cracking tune after another, they were bang on - the dance floor was heaving from the moment they started playing! What a party we had!

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Our guests couldn't praise you enough, and your contribution to our wedding will always have a special place in our hearts. Cat and Gwil.

Legion – Live music with The Troubadours

Thank you so much for Saturday! You guys were amazing, the dance floor was never empty! Just wanted to say what an absolutely amazing wedding reception we had. Can't thank you enough, the band were absolutely brilliant. Neither of us, or our guests will ever forget that night for sure. Fantastic music and superbly delivered.

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Highly recommend The Troubadours, great band that really makes a function stand out. A massive thank you to The Troubadours. The band were great, professional with infectious enthusiasm encouraging all our family and friends onto the dance floor. If you ever want a live band make The Troubadours your first port of call!!

We can't thank you enough!!

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You are an amazing band. All our guests were really impressed with your performance. You could quite easily fill a whole stadium and get everyone up and dancing!!

We will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a professional band for their big day!!! Thanks again. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for making our wedding the most perfect day we could possible ask for. You were completely on fire and had everyone dancing the night away. Great night, you guy's rocked the place!

You were fab!!! Great night with superb music. To find out if this act is available and what it would cost to hire them, please fill out the form. To ensure the quote is as accurate as possible, remember to tell us the postcode or nearest town to your venue.

HOASM: Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesingers

Good Luck! The Troubadours. OK, if you were describing a person that wouldn't sound good, but a band, now that's just what you need for high impact and great fun. This book is a reference volume and a digest of more than a century of scholarly work on troubadour poetry.

Written by leading scholars, it summarizes the current consensus on the various facets of troubadour studies. Standing at the beginning of the history of modern European verse, the troubadours were the prime poets and composers of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in the South of France. No study of medieval literature is complete without an examination of the courtly love which is celebrated in the elaborately rhymed stanzas of troubadour verse, creations whose words and melodies were imitated by poets and musicians all over medieval Europe.

The words of about 2, troubadour songs have survived, along with melodies, and all have come under intense scholarly scrutiny.

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This Handbook brings together the fruits of this scrutiny, giving teachers and students an overview of the fundamental issues in troubadour scholarship. All quotations are given in the original Old Occitan and in English. The editors provide a list of troubadour editions and an index, and each chapter includes a list of additional readings.

Akehurst is Professor of French at the University of Minnesota. Judith M.