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Away from your love, away from your laughter but it is ok I'll be fine, I cant stay forever. Little girls and little boys See the world as it should be Little girls and little boys Even dream in the daylight Little girls and little boys Do not ever have worries Little girls and little boys. Late Night Thoughts.

Wanting success Future on my mind. From Time. Tick, Tock. Tick tock, The clock strikes one o'clock.

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The sky is dark, the stars shine bright, Everybody, but one, is asleep tonight. It's been five years You still haven't changed dad It's bullshit to think you would. A description of who she was. Night after night my dreams felt so bright because she made me shine with all my light. What if. What if she's the one I can trust and turn the me into an us. What if we can be the us that "everyone" tries to bust. You ask me to pay the grocery bills, when I'm not allowed to eat the food.

I see rainbows burst through the sky And have the sudden urge to run and cry They all laugh and they say, "dont even try" And I say, "oh why, god, why? You are. You are an angel at heart and a goddess at sight.

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You are my beautiful Aphrodite. My attempt to want. This is my attempt for getting you naked. Yea, the earlier me is being amended. So please help me acomplish my new goal. Stand Tall or Fall? The Vampire: A Poor Beast. A warped and revolting creature,That has many known names ,fury, wraith, bloodsucker, tormentor, Vampire,. Understand This. I am an amazing person. They Were The Girls. Continuing Your Road. It provides us knowledge about world. Chaos In An Enclosed System. On the surface my demeanor is calm. To anyone who talks with me it's as if I've not one qualm. Beneath this exterior lies another person entirely.

A person who dreads failing; who has become obsessive and miserly.

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On Bisexuality. Power of a Mind and Voice.

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For all a chance, a choice. Broken Illushen. The illushen of the world around me is falling appart, and now i see how cruel this world can really be. How it tests you and takes away all purity, nothing is really as it seems.

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I'm not a strong as i apear,. Good Girl. He likes the way you twerk. The way you move your hips and make your gluteus maximus go berserk. To the Stalins and Hitlers Your dream needed an audience. Where it lacked one, one was found. Ordinary crowds became worshippers-- Sucked into an infatuation That was entirely designed by yourself.

Language Barrier. I have seen the other side, More than eight thousand miles away.

I have seen the other side, And it's like nothing you've ever met before. The streets are lined with ramshackle stores,. Melodies flowing, swelling, undulating, Waves invisible to the eye, yet invokes the senses Creates an active mind Induces tears, fears, ensnares the heart, With a strength unparalleled.

High School Hallways. I hate walking in the hallways Of my high school.

Love Her Wild

For one thing, There are way to many people. They walk with no purpose While mine Is to get to class. Yes, there is 6 minutes. This Artist. Many shaped who I am. Many more shaped those who shaped me. I hope with my words many will be shaped by me. A spark in darkness created a universe that we all know. Broken Relationships.

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I find myself shedding tears for past shitWounds t. Regretful She. As she sits there crying, She regrets what she's done. She says over and over to herself, "I am young and I don't mean anything I say. Money Hungry. Fighting for Balance. Hush Now. The voices get so loud. The Girl in the Baby Pink.

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All I could do was just sit there and cry. All I could do was sit there and catch the mascara stained teardrops that attempted to scar my cheeks.

Or was I even wearing mascara? White Noise. I stare into my brothers' eyes to see the icy glow of the history untold and the present to behold. While we speak words of ticking keys and blink behind the screen of lies. No One.