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Humans were locked inside pressure chambers to test how much the body could take before their eyes popped out. Some human test subjects were taken outside during the harsh winter until their limbs froze off for the doctors to experiment how best to treat frostbite. In , a graduate student at Keio Medical University in Tokyo found records of human experiments in a bookstore.

The pages described the effects of massive dosages of tetanus vaccine.

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There were tables describing the length of time it took victims to die and recorded the muscle spasms in their bodies. A compelling novel of World War II, based on historical incidents and characters, including Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who led the attack on Pearl Harbor, and Unit , the secret Japanese army germ and chemical warfare operation responsible for gr The author splits this book up into two sections, the first being the history of the unit and the second testimonies from those who served in it.

Coming into this book with only a basic knowledge of what this unit represented I walked away with a good understanding of it. The author tackles what is a difficult subject matter in an engaging manner that brings the full horror of live human experimentation and all that it encompasses to the reader's attention.


All in all a well-balanced read. Hal Gold compiled the information in Unit from information provided by the Central Organizing Committee for the Unit Exhibitions in Tokyo, Du kanske gillar. Neutral War Hal Gold Inbunden. Evaporation from Water Surfaces in California Volume No.

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On the outside, citizens were told that Unit was a lumber mill, and they even went so far as to refer to their prisoners not as people, but as logs, or by the Japanese word for wood logs: maruta. Unit Testimony is not a personal narrative, but a historical text offering facts, events, and dates. And despite the horrible accounts, the text is never overly descriptive or forcibly emotional, but rather the author allows the events to stand on their own.

Theodicy--through the Case of “Unit 731”

Unlike the German concentration camps, prisoners in Unit were, on average, fed well. The reason for this was due to the scientists wanting accurate medical results as how it would apply to normal, healthy individuals. The reasoning behind the experiments involved not only learning how to improve Japanese defenses, but also to know the many ways the enemy could be defeated.

Prisoners were kept in small cages and kept alive even when in pain. There is one testimony, for example, that involves a woman who had lost her hands in a frostbite experiment, and then later was infected with syphilis. Her ailments went untreated for the intention of noting the progression of the infection. And very often those who were infected with some sexually transmitted disease were forced into sexual intercourse with a healthy person. Or sometimes a sick prisoner would be forced to share a cell with a healthy one, just so the doctors could document how long it took for the infection to spread from one person to the other.